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Air Counter Rate Drop Protection

Book your flight with confidence with Air Counter’s exclusive Airfare Rate Drop Protection.

At Air Counter, we want to ensure that our customers receive the absolute best service, both during the booking process, as well as in the time leading up to your travel. That’s why we created the Rate Drop Protection program for all flights booked through Air Counter.

How It Works

When you book your flights at, we immediately begin tracking pricing and fare rules. From the moment you click “Purchase” until the moment you step foot on the plane, we will automatically check your flight itinerary to try to save you money. If at any point before you depart, pricing on your itinerary drops, allowing us to save you money, we will refund the original charges and issue new tickets with the lower pricing. It’s that simple. No need to continually monitor airline prices daily. We do the work for you and alert you when we are able to save you money.

Why Do Prices Drop?

Airlines are constantly tweaking their pricing for flights, in an attempt to fill their planes and operate profitably. Additionally, airlines have different rules for flights, including refund deadlines, change/cancellation fees and other details. Air Counter monitors the details of your chosen itinerary to identify ways to save you money. When we find a way to lower your cost, we will alert you. It’s that easy.

Do Airlines Handle Price Changes Differently?

Each carrier has their own set of fare rules and pricing policies. Some airlines allow changes/cancellations without penalty for 24 hours after booking, while others never charge a fee. Some will let you claim a lower fare if the price drops, while others will only do so with a fee. Rather than urging our customers to become experts in airline pricing rules and procedures, Air Counter automates the process and continually searches for ways to save you money. Rest assured that once you book, we continually monitor your flights for drops in fare. When it happens, we alert you and save you money.

How Do Credits Work?

When we find a money-saving opportunity, Air Counter will automatically re-book the new ticket at the lower fare. All flights, times and other details remain the same.

Am I Required To Keep The Same Flights?

Rate Drop Protection checks the exact flight itinerary you booked. In the case where you need to change your flights, please call our support phone number and we will assist you.

How Is The Amount Of The Credit Calculated?

Each airline is different in their policies for airfare reduction. Air Counter monitors the fare rules of the carrier you choose to identify ways to save money. The credit issued will always be after applying any airline fees (if applicable) charged to claim the lower fare. Air Counter may deduct a processing fee from the savings amount and the balance is returned to the customer.

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